LT.SOUNDS App Reviews

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Love it

I love it but I think you should add more voices if you can like jigsaw Annabel and the krampus

Good app but

This is awesome but it would be cooler to add a section to type your own messages

Custom Sayings

The app is great and all but i fo wish that there are custom options you could do make it even more scary!


Its worth he money and it real fun to troll your friends and family. The only problem is you should be able to say people names and other stuff and that would be so much more fun

Yes yes yes

You should make an extra thing where you can type what you want and have it in the voice of the two


Cmon let it let us write something


Nice app and keep up your videos


Really love this app and your videos, I pulled pranks on my friends and it worked great. Buy if you want to mess around with your friends. I feel like it should be more expensive.

Kind of misleading

I figured this was a voice changer. I was planning on making videos using this but it's so limited with premise responses... so really unsatisfied. Edit: just realized I felt the same way half of the people out there felt. Add a voice changer. The technology is there, I would pay 4.99 for a voice changer app like this.

Very Limited Text

Instead of having text to choose from you should be able to write the text you want, but still should the option to choose the tectonic provided.

It needs type to speak

I love this app but it really should have tts (talk to speak) it would be a lot more fun to use if it had this just saying


You are amazing



Love it

Fun for trolling

Alright, good stuff... but one problem.. or two

All of the stuff is good, except, the anonymous sounds don't work for me. (I realize that might be just me). And also add a feature to record your (the user's) voice and change it to be anonymous or the watcher, otherwise it kind of ruins the effect that you try to use on your friends. So imma give this a spicy hot 3-star

Coolest app ever

This app is so cool! I wish there was a way to Use the voices over the phone


the app is deceiving from his ad on his channel. i thought i was able to speak into it and it will give me a recording. nope! just buttons. the watcher sound board is really good though, but the anonymous sound board sounds a bit off from his vids, you could probably get the anonymous sound board somewhere else.


Ok this game is so freaking amazing but when you update it just please add a text box and type in it!!! THIS APP IS GREAT!!!!!😝😝😝

Awesome but

It would be cool if you could type in things for it to say or talk into it and it would come out like that

it's good but I have a recommendation

1. Can you make a customs list where you could choose a saying and make your own list of your Favorite saying so it's easier to access them.

My favorite YouTube sensation

The app is fun to prank your friends with over phone hehe

This app is so good

This app is good but it needs... More...

Great app

Works perfectly on my phone. I have a iPhone 6s so I don't know if it's just not working for androids, but the app for me works perfectly fine, doesn't crash, doesn't kick me out, etc. I give it a 4 out 5 because I would love to see more of LT.LICKME voices on it like the creepy stalker for example or Krampus. I know it's not easy to add all these voices on here and all the characters dialogue, but hopefully in the future we can see some more of LT.LICKME's trolling voices on here.

Good but I have ideas

Instead of it being buttons I think you should either speak to it to say words or type in the words to make it cooler but other than that IT IS AWESOME!!!!!

Great, but one thing

App works really well and I think it's really cool but I want to see you able to text someone a phrase as if it were you saying it


Please make it so when u call someone u know they can hear it threw the call

Great freaking app

Yo the comments about it not working arnt true it works perfectly fine for me and the $0.99 purchase it all you pay for the full app. The whole you pay for more phrases is bs. i wish you could record and change your own voice if that's possible. But great app

I love your videos, and i like this app

I like how simple and neat this app is. But really annoys me is how ppl are saying u have to pay extra for more phrases, you do not have to pay more than the $0.99 u paid for this app. Also its $0.99, not only are u getting a pretty neat app but your supporting a wonderful youtuber. Thanks for the app. Lastly there are quite alot of sayings in this app so don't listen to the ppl who say "lack of content" and have to "pay for more sayings", really dumb why they would lie about that.

4 star

I love this app but could you bay e make it possible so we can record this and upload this or record the sayings some how? If their is a way I jsut don't know it!!

Best app

I love this app it's so fun too use

Don't waste your money

This sorry excuse for an "app" is not worth $0.99 and never will be it constantly crashes and kicks you off the game, but you do get it to work for longer then 7 minutes you will realize that the content that is supposed to be worth $0.99 is nothing but the few phrases that are included with the initial purchase for any more phrases you have to pay extra this app is not useful and I do not ever seeing it being useful due to its lack of content I downloaded it for no longer than half an hour before I realized that the "app" had absolutely nothing to it ~just your friendly neighborhood writer man looking out for the little man

Good but not great

I think it is good for what it was designed for but it would be great if you could make it a voice changer and actually say something thats not listed as a phrase their

Amazing !

Been waiting for this Thank you ! ❤🤙🏽

Thank you so Much



I love this app, I can't wait for new updates (new phrases) This app works very well, I encourage you to buy it.

Great Idea but needs to be fixed

I thought this is a great Idea but it crashes every 2 seconds so LT you have to fixed this because you aren't to get a lot of hate for this so you better fixed this fast

Cant open

I cant give a rating im actually doing this to let people know that develop that i cant open the app

Closes after opening

I absolutely love your videos and what you stand for. You are absolutely amazing. But every time I go to open up this app it closes after about a second. I want to use it because of how awesome I think you are please help


Ik this app just came out but I put money into a glitchy app don't let me down H kons

Doesn't work plz fix

Every time I click it it doesn't WORK PLZ FIX🙁I want refund anyone know how?

LOVE IT, needs more

I love this app! I can troll my friends with this, BUT! You need to pls add the text to voice for those 2 characters because I want to say something else like respond with another saying.


The app keeps crashing it won't even launch give my money back

Doesn't work

This only works with an iPhone 6 or above

Doesn't work🙁

I bought this app and it doesn't work it flashes the LT.Lickme Logo and then crashes. LT.Lickme if you see this,please fix this App


App closes and sends me to the home screen whenever I open it :/

Good app but please read the review

I love the app but can you please make it to where you can type what you want say that would be awesome


I have a iPhone 5c and it runs perfectly

Doesn't work

I have a up to date iPad and the app closes 2 seconds after I open it, can u please fix this I know that you put a lot of Work into this

Doesn't work when you click

When you click on the sound you want you have to click around 5 times for it to work and some don't work at all


The app doesn't work when you open it

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